CodeBucket is the best way to browse and maintain your Bitbucket repositories on any iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad device! Keep an eye on your projects with the ability to view everything from followers to the individual file diffs in the latest change set. CodeBucket brings Bitbucket to your finger tips in a sleek and efficient design.

  • Works on the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch devices!
  • View repository events, issues, and change sets
  • Multiple profiles with easy switching
  • Create, edit, delete, & comment on issues
  • Slide-out menu for efficient navigation
  • Browse source directories & files
  • View file diffs from previous checkins
  • Explore other open source repositories

Watch All Your Repositories

Keep an eye on all your repositories. Public or private, owned or followed. Everyone just a touch away.

Repository Inspection

Checkout any aspect of a repository. Everything under one simple page: events, change-sets, issues, wikis, source code, and more!

Source Browsing

CodeBucket comes with a full source browser with syntax highlighting and diff support. Not only that, but CodeBucket will download other viewable files such as PDFs right within the app!

Slide-out Navigation

Quickly navigate from any view to your profile, repositories, events, etc, just by sliding out the menu. A simple slide of the finger from left to right will do the trick!

Multiple User Profiles

CodeBucket allows for multiple user profiles to make your life easier! Simply slide-out the menu, click the "change user" button at the top, select a new user account, and you're on your way.


Keep track of a fast moving project by checking out the the event timeline. Events for Users and Repositories both supported!

View Issues

Keep tabs on a project's issues when you're out! CodeBucket contains full support for creating, deleting, and modifying repository issues!

Sleek Design

CodeBucket has been designed to be sleek and efficient. The UI design is completely custom and made to look good. Don't settle on other apps that slap controls together and call it a product!

Much More!

CodeBucket is constantly being updated. As Bitbucket releases new APIs they are quickly being integrated into the app!